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Dr.Web Security Space for Android

Android OS 4.0 — 11, Android TV 5.0+ Find out more

Free 14-day trial given during installation.
The complete set of Dr.Web protection components is only available on Doctor Web’s site. Find out more

Download with a serial number

If you have a valid license for any product that protects a home PC or a handheld.

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Over 140 million downloads — just from Google Play

Download Dr.Web (without the Call and SMS filter and the Anti-theft SMS functionality)
Why is that?

Don’t have a Dr.Web for Android license? This can easily be fixed

From 1 year

From 19.90 zł W tym VAT For 1 device

Dr.Web Security Space (for Android)


Buy it cheaper at a discount of up to 50% off

Free of charge

When purchasing Dr.Web Security Space for Windows, macOS, Linux — Dr.Web for Android is available free of charge

Dr.Web Security Space


Buy it cheaper at a discount of up to 50% off

The Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-viruses
Doctor Web has been developing anti-virus software since 1992
Dr.Web is trusted by users around the world in 200+ countries
The company has delivered an anti-virus as a service since 2007
24/7 tech support

Dr.Web © Doctor Web
2003 — 2022

Doctor Web to rosyjski producent oprogramowania antywirusowego Dr.Web. Rozwijamy nasze produkty od 1992 roku.

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